Enjoy the Thai colors!

7 March 2020

It is the first thing that stands out when you ride with us in Bangkok, Ayutthaya or Chiang Mai: Thailand is a colorful country!

There is plenty of color to be found on the markets around – a fresh market, a flower market and a floating market – that we will see and visit on our tours. Thanks to the huge range of tropical vegetables, fruits and flowers.

You’ll also see the red, green and yellow colors of the chattering pans in the stalls along the way. The pink and lilac of the orchid gardens. The leafy gold paintings of the temples. And in Bangkok even the taxis – unlike anywhere else in the world – have a variety of bright colors.

The flags along the highways, at offices and at the gates of houses are also striking. Usually yellow. In honor of King Vajiralongkorn. He was born on a Monday. That means yellow is his color.

Purple flags are also everywhere to be seen: it’s the color of the new Queen. And blue for the Mother of the Queen.

Thai know exactly what day of the week they were born. So they know what their color is.

Sunday is red. Monday Yellow. Tuesday Pink. Wednesday Green. Thursday Orange. Friday Blue. Saturday Purple.

Thai take that into consideration when dressing themselves. If you need extra luck, you should wear your color on your day of the week. Note: if you look closely, you’ll see what day it is when you’re on the streets!

The color of companies and their uniforms are often determined by the birthday of the founder. The chosen color of an association shows you on what day it was founded. For example, there’s a tough soccer team that consists of only men that wear acid pink uniforms.

The color of Recreational Bangkok Biking is orange. But that is a reference to the Dutch background of founder Andre Breuer.

Would you like to enjoy a few hours full of exciting colors? Book one of our tours: Colors of Bangkok, Colors of Ayutthaya or Colors of Chiang Mai! Or take a look at our entire selection first.

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